My sister and I, over coffee one rainy afternoon, wistfully reminisced on the childhoods we spent in our small corner of the Wiltshire countryside…..


... those endless adventures in magical make-believe worlds,

… the handmade theatre sets, the handwritten plays, 

… the flower garlands, the costumes,

… those throws of wildflowers held tightly under our arms,

… those wonderful walks with our mother, foraging through hedgerows.


What if? What if?…..


As the reality of life came back into focus, brought home by the smell of fresh coffee and Sundays rain, we began to think “What if?”


We both share the same obsession with special days, precious moments, the beauty of flora, and the theatre of life. An artist and an actress, joined in sisterhood, with a passion for transforming spaces and building magical worlds.


We both knew what we had to do; to share that little bit of creativity that we cultivated while we were young. 


We would love nothing more than to style, and help guide your own grand occasions.


Amanda and Victoria.


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